Nature's Sunshine Products

Our cozy shop offers a variety of Nature's Sunshine solutions to support your health journey.

Sole Detox Jars

Great starter jars courtesy of Williamsburg Salt Spa!

Plant Therapy

100% Pure Essential Oils

Carrier Oils


Lip Balm


A refreshing on-the-go breath spray! The flavor will really make a minty impression.

Joint Juice

Juice crafted specifically for the joints.

Himalayan Salt Products

Salt Inhaler

Eucalyptus Scented Bath Salts

Lavender Scented Bath Salts

Salt Shaker

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Choose from a variety of himalayan salt lamps.


From amethyst to black tourmaline, we may have just want you need.

Natural Soap

Several aromas to choose from!


Enjoy an all-natural hand cleanser thats available in multiple aromas! 


A flickering flame can really relax the mind and soothe the soul.

Gift Card

eGift Cards

Share the gift of wellness with an

eGift Card today!

Buy Now!

Smudging Tools

White Sage / Red Sage


Palo Santo


Abalone Shells


Clear Quartz wrapped chains 

Clear Quartz wrapped rings

Red Jasper wrapped chains

Crystal Cages (chains available)

Star of Black Obsidian  necklace

Magnetic Hematite Bracelets 



A variety of flavors to enjoy!


Every fresh cut deserves to feel polished!

Brown Smoothie

Gently scrub away the day with this lavender scented blend.

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