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There may be times when the door is locked during normal business hours.  We offer private sessions which warrant the lobby to be inaccessible during that time.  Please refer to the times listed on the door if this occurs.


Nature's Sunshine Products

Our cozy shop offers a variety of Nature's Sunshine solutions to support your health journey.

Nutritional Resources

We offer a selection of tinctures liquid, herbal extracts for those looking for an alternative to capsules/tablets.

#Smudging Tools

We carry several varieties of herbs/sticks used for sacred smoke baths.  Stop by to see what herb aligns with the energywork you're looking to do. 

Plant Therapy

Just For You (loose leaf  blends)

My Lil Apothecary

Choose from a variety of dried #herbs to support your wellness journey.  Contact us to see what's available.

E-Gift Cards

Share the gift of wellness with an eGift Card today!

Just For You tea blends.png
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