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Trina W. Roberts, Owner

My journey began as a young adult, curious about my mother's passion for herbs, herbal literature, and gardening. During my mother's health decline, I decided to go deeper into natural health, which expanded my interest into the world of herbalism and beyond to a strict vegetarian lifestyle.  This soul-pulling energy led me to enroll in the Family Herbalist program at The Herbal Academy.  After graduating from that program, I followed the call to enhance my knowledge around herbal education with The School of Modern Herbal Medicine, which allowed me to study with notable herbalists and traditional naturopaths and become certified in ways to be a stronger advocate for health and well-being.

I have obtained many titles on this path of holistic healing but one that covers them all is Wellness Practitioner. 

I am a Certified Herbal Consultant  and a Certified Vegan Health  Coach with a strong focus on wholistic wellness .  I 'm a Reiki Master (Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna ), and hold certifications as a Chakra Healing Practitioner,  a Meditation Guide,  a Sound Healing Practitioner, a Breathwork Coach, a Death Doula and a Vaginal Steam Professional.  I have studied Reflexology and  Iridology along with tongue analysis.  I am currently studying Past Life Regression Therapy  (PLRT) which will offer some foundational insight to my clients on a deeper, soulular level.


In 2022,  the desire to expand deeper into a healthier lifestyle for Self and the community birthed The Breathe Bar (meditation/yoga studio) and Your Partners In Wellness (non-profit corporation).    #holistichealth 

When I'm not working, I'm usually with my husband (and wellness partner/owner of Rilaks2Njoy), our daughter, and grandpup chihuahua Rahfiki Bae.   I like spending time in nature exploring the garden-life; reading, sunbathing and/or earthing, meditating, and taking nature walks.

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