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Welcome to The Breathe Bar.

The realm of inhaling good vibes and exhaling all that no longer serves us.

Grab a mat or a pillow and prepare to breathe in life, love and healing.
We are honored that you’ve decided to visit us. 

Explore. Feel the pull. Join us.

Meditating at Home

Guided Meditation

Whether you are just starting your meditation practice or an expert at quieting your mind, this class is for you.

Yoga at Home


Being flexible is not a must for this class but being able to embrace your body's ability to ebb & flow is.

Join us while we move energy~

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

SoundBath Meditation

We are vibrational beings.  Time to close your eyes and allow your body to receive a gentle, energetic realignment.

Kundalini Yoga Outside


Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

We will breathe. Deeply.

Intentionally. With a purpose.

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