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Be ready just in case!

Ok ok ok. We've all had those little emergencies in which the kids (or ourselves) has a bleeding cut and the band-aid gremlins are playing hide and seek. Frustrating right? What about thinking to yourself, oh my, do I really want to use "this" stuff on my munchkin? Only God knows what's really in that tube. Worry no more. This little (but not really) rescue kit is what every house and SUV should have on hand.

This zippered go-anywhere tote is loaded with Silver Shield products (6 fl. oz. Liquid, 1 oz. Rescue Gel and 1 oz. Purifying Cleansing Gel) plus an assortment of sterile bandages, gauze, wrap, tweezers, scissors and tape. Keep one in the car, give one to the daycare, take one to the grandparents house and keep one right at home. You'll never know when that scrape needs a little extra TLC.

Order one (or two) today.

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