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2020 health & happiness...get some with 9 simple ideas

Health and happiness, everyone is in search of it. Studies show that people live longer when they experience it. Real talk...for some its not that easy to obtain. With work, family, friends you know LIFE, this piece of the pie is not enjoyed that often.

It's time to get that piece of pie, take a bite and savor the experience.

Here are a few suggestions that has helped ( actually continues to help) me:

1. Find a spiritual path and follow it. Spend time in silence and connect with your soul. You'd be amazed of how internally healing it is.

2. Inventory your current reality. Own where you are and recreate what no longer feels good to you. Every day is a new day. Every experience is one that you've never experience exactly like this, so make it new. It is your life, your reality.

3. The people you spend time with matter. Ask yourself does this feel good? How does it affect your joy, your happiness, your health? If it doesn't feel good, recommit to yourself and adjust what affects it. Spend more time with those that positively make an impact on your life, it will make a difference.

4. Let go of trying to please everyone. The most important person is you. When your happy the people around you will benefit as well.

5. Make health a priority. You can't take care of anyone else if you aren't here. Get focused on what you feed your body, how you move your body and why you must pause the mental chatter.

6. Take opportunities to learn something new. It's the best way to continue to grow.

7. Embrace nature. Get outside and feel the sun. Breathe fresh air. Watch clouds floating by. Walk barefoot on the earth. Grow some herbs and eat them. Inhale some essential oils from the flowers. Aromatherapy anyone? Listen to the birds sing and the crickets chirp. Engage the senses. Put down the phone and be social with Mother Nature.

8. Communicate your emotions but in a way that's supportive to you. Journaling is an easy method to do this. Draw pictures if you aren't the best with words. Spend at least 5 mins at the end of each day expressing yourself. When you get those uncomfortable feelings off your chest, your heart, mind, gut and liver will be in a healthier state.

9. Do your best. The key word is "do". Life will happen to you but only you can control how it affects you. Do your best to find joy and happiness in everything even if the moment is just for a second. Take small steps to improve your health because they will add up to big results. #yourpathtolivingwell

In a nutshell, you are the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of your life. Only you can control it. Focus on the things that will bring you positive energy. So much so that there will not be enough room for the things that no longer serve you.

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