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As a society, we have been conditioned to only be satisfied with quick results.

Right now!


What's taking so long?!?

Sounds familiar?

We want that magic pill to help us lose 15 pounds in one day. We need the teller in the bank to give us cash right now!!! We have road rage to get to the grocery store and "that" Sunday sight-seer is in the d#mn way!!!


What's the rush?

The reality is this. Things take time. Good health takes time. Being financially stable takes time. Losing weight takes time. Detoxing your body takes time. Raising your child takes time. Learning how to drive (the right way) takes time. See where I'm going.

Greatness in any aspect takes time.

In today's world, alot of us are stressed out. It's showing up in all areas of our life. High blood pressure, obesity, thinning hair, missing teeth, anxiety, depression...I could go on and on but you'd probably stop reading because you just don't have the time.

This is your life. Stop allowing "time" to dictate how you live it. So what if you can't sit still for 15 mins to meditate. Train your brain. Ok didn't lose any weight the first week of exercising...keep pushing on UNTIL you do. That "detox program" didn't yield the results you were hoping for...I'm sure it did (remember...detoxification happens on the inside and your body is probably so overwhelmed it's just trying to reboot itself).

You still have that awful toenail fungus AND skin rash AND it's been three can't rush Mother Nature.

The list of excuses can continue on and on if you allow it to. Know that alot of things can't be fixed on the first try. It takes dedication, consistency and a NO-EXCUSE ALLOWED mindset.

Be patience, there is NO one and done solution to being the best you.

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