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DIY All-Natural Facial Toner Recipe

There are alot of formulas on the market that claim to help your face.  Truth be told, some of them work, initially.  But then something happens and the body begins to react in a way that is worse than before you began using it.

It's been my experience that simplicity is often the best medicine.  If you can't pronounce it then why on earth are you putting this stuff on your face.  

From the ph balancing properties of ACV to the anti-inflammatory benefits of witch hazel, your skin will start to show how grateful it is that you are allowing nature to support you.  

Time to make:

5 minutes

Number of uses:

25 uses


  • 1/4 cup witch hazel extract

  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1/8 cup aloe vera juice

  • 4 drops frankincense essential oil

  • 4 drops lavender essential oil

  • 4 drops lemon essential oil

  • 2 drops of tea tree essential oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a small glass bottle or spray bottle.

  2. Shake well to blend all ingredients.

  3. Store in refrigerator.

  4. Apply using a cotton pad after washing face. Often I just use this to cleanse my face.

  5. It should be gentle enough to use every day, but everyone's skin is different.  Reduce frequency if needed to every other day.

Afterwards, I use Nature's Sunshine Black Ointment to moisturize and support my skin's wellness.  The aroma is quite "smoky" but a little bit does the trick.

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