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Who says you can't do both!

Blend Aromatherapy + Yoga for a Balanced Body and Mind

A regular yoga practice can assist with reducing stress, anxiousness and tension. Add the additional benefits of aromatherapy and increase those benefits exponentially! Apply your favorite yoga blend topically before a session (on the back of the neck, soles of the feet, shoulders, inside the forearms and on the chest over the heart) and diffuse blends during each practice.

Looking for a blend to experiment


during your practice?

Breath of Life Roll-On Recipe for Yoga
Items needed:
  • 1 drop BREATHE DEEP

  • 1 drop Ravintsara

  • 1 drop Peppermint

  • Carrier Oil

  • .05 oz. Clear Roll-On Bottle


  1. Add Authentic Oils to roll-on bottle.

  2. Fill with Carrier Oil and swirl to combine

Roll on your wrists, behind your knees or anywhere you spirit craves a little breath of life.

Blessings Be...

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