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DIY Power Bath recipe

Long week? ⏰for you to refocus on your wellness.

Here's a great recipe for a Power Soak🛀:

  • 2 cups of Epsom salt

2 cups of Himalayan Sea Salt

1 cup of Baking Soda

15 -20 drops of Eucalyptus EO

15 -20 drops of Core Blend

  • 10 drops of Essential Shield Blend

~Pre-mix everything before adding to water. ~Add your bath blend after getting in the water. ~Make sure you are fully emerged and soak for at least 45 mins.

Important note:Drink a glass of water before, during and after! And aim for at least two Power Soaks a month.

You deserve it!

Need some #essentialoils? Check out the Essential Oils tab.

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