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Namaste Now

Meditation is the perfect time to slow down the go go go of your world. Adding essential oils to your session can often allow for a deeper connection with self. Sometimes you can keep it simple with one essential oil but creating blends to help enhance your "mind-time" is perfectly okay too.

Not sure where to start??? Here is a simple blend to try!

Dhyana Meditation Roll-On Bend


  • 1 drop Organic Frankincense

  • 1 drop Organic Lavender

  • 1 drop CORE Balancing Blend

  • Carrier Oil

  • 05 oz. Clear Roll-On Bottle


  1. Add Authentic Oils to roll-on bottle.

  2. Fill with Carrier Oil and swirl to combine.

Roll on prior to beginning your session.

BTW: You can also create the blend for your diffuser with just the oils! Increase the drops to 5 per essential oil and INHALE...EXHALE...INHALE...EXHALE...Namaste

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